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We are delighted to offer our wide range of glazing solutions to all our customers in our home town of Wimborne, be they private or commercial With an industry record of over fifty years and a trading history of half that, we have a huge array of services available to our clients in the area.


What can we do for you?

As expert glaziers, our services cover all aspects of window fitting and repair.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is where a further slim-line window is added to your existing windows, giving significant increases in noise reduction (up to 80% improvement) and heat retention (as high as 65% improvement over single glazed windows). As experts in this increasingly popular field, let us help you come up with a secondary glazing plan that perfectly suits you and your property.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our glazing service and are experienced and skilled enough to undertake any kind of glazing work. Whether it’s glass cutting or window installation, we can do it.

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened safety glass offers a perfect solution for homes and businesses where safety and security are paramount. Manufactured to the highest possible standards, our toughened safety glass results in a sturdy and robust window for your home or office.

Replacement Double Glazed Units

If your double glazed window unit has developed a flaw, be it leaking, misting, or simply cracked, it is time you replaced it. Once the vacuum seal has been compromised, it no longer functions as a form of insulation and noise suppression. Allow us to replace the unit for you, finding one that will match your existing installation as much as possible.

Window Glass Replacements

A broken window can be a nightmare, especially when it comes out of the blue. At Wimborne Glass Ltd, we can replace your window there and then in many cases, or board it up securely and safely whilst we produce a suitable pane to order.

Experience and local knowledge

We know Dorset well, having been established here for twenty-five years and having worked in the local industry for a further twenty-five. We have provided a remarkable service to our customers in Wimborne and beyond, a fact that is reflected in the number of times we have been recommended to a former client’s friends and family.

Only the best

Our entire team is made up from highly-skilled and highly-trained glazing professional. From the person who answers your call, to the person who installs your new window frame, every one of them knows precisely what they’re doing.

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