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At Wimborne Glass Ltd, we are experts at installing toughened safety glass to replace existing windows and doors for all our clients in the Dorset area. Toughened glass is also referred to as tempered glass, and is among the most useful and widely utilised glass products on the market. With numerous applications, including glass doors, over doors, glass partitions, and car windscreens, among others, toughened safety glass is starting to see regular use in domestic doors and windows.

What is toughened safety glass

At its simplest, toughened safety glass is regular glass which has undergone a method of heat treatment referred to as thermal tempering. Passing through a furnace heated to 650°C or thereabouts, the glass it taken way its normal transition temperature and starts to soften. At this point, the surface of the glass is cooled rapidly. Speed is of the essence as it is essential that the interior of the glass remains hot throughout the process. It is this tempering that create centre tension in the newly-toughened pane, altering its physical properties and resulting in glass that is capable of withstanding pressures far higher than normal glass can manage.

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The benefits of toughened glass

As you’d expect, it’s tough… really tough. Indeed, it is up to five times stronger than normal glass. Correctly tempered, it can easily take a blow of 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch) without breaking. It is also considerably more resistant to thermal breakage – that is, it will not crack in the heat. An interesting property of toughened glass is that if it should break, rather than shattering into dangerous shards of glass, it crumbles into small fragments or pebbles, which makes it far safer that its regular counterpart. Equally, it is easier to clean up in the even of a break, as you can simply sweep it up and deposit it in a regular refuse bag.

Are there any disadvantages?

Only one – when a pane of toughened glass shatters, it shatters entirely. The entire pane will crumble into piece once part of it is breached. That said, the benefits of toughened glass far \outweigh the negatives, and this side-effect can be somewhat rectified by choosing laminated toughened glass, which coats the pane in a plastic veneer that keeps the pieces together in the event of a break.

Experience and local knowledge

With over fifty years of experience with toughened glass, we are able to provide you with the best advice, materials, and service in the Dorset area. Hundreds of satisfied customers across the county can attest to our workmanship, and regularly do, recommending us to friends and family alike.

Only the best

Our team of professional glaziers are all highly trained and experts in the use and application of toughened glass. They take pride in the work they do, and will see to it that your toughened safety glass is installed the minimum of fuss and interference in your regular schedule.

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