Replacement Double Glazing

Replacement double glazed units in Wimborne, Bournemouth, and beyond

IThere will come a time, even with the most reliably installed set of double glazed windows, when your home’s sealed units end up beyond repair. Fortunately, here at Wimborne Glass Ltd, we are in a position to replace single or multiple units in order to reduce any build up in condensation, and to eradicate misting.

Do my double glazed units need replacing

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether double glazing is in need of replacement. There are, however, four tell-tale signs that help you identify a potential problem.


If you discover water leaking in through your window frame it is likely that either the weather seal has failed, or the drainage section is blocked. Whilst both of these issues are potentially repairable, they are usually brought about through age and general wear and tear, so you windows may be due for an upgrade in any case.

double glazed unit installation
condense and misting between the window panes


Misting, or condensation between the window’s panes, is a sure sign of trouble. Double and triple glazed sealed units work because there is a vacuum seal between the pains. This narrow pain of nothingness is the reason why double glazing works to reduce heat waste and noise pollution – the sound waves and heat waves cannot travel through a vacuum. If this seal is compromised, it means that the vacuum has dissipated and the regular atmosphere (including water vapour) is getting into the gap. What this means in real terms is that your double glazed unit is now good for nothing apart from looking out of, as its added benefits of noise and heat absorption have simply leaked away.

Chips and cracks

This one should be obvious, but a noticeable chip or crack on either side of the window will likely require the entire unit to be replaced. Whilst smaller scratches can be repaired, if the integrity of the window pane has been breached, then – as above – the vacuum seal is gone. This is quite aside from the potential hazard of having chipped or cracked windows in the first place.


Aside from heat and noise absorption, one of the primary benefits of double glazed units is that they are airtight. If the windows are closed and you can still feel a draught, it stands to reason that the air in getting in some – likely through a broken seal, which would indicate the need for a replacement unit. Alternatively, the draught might be coming between the unit and the supporting brickwork, in which case it might just require an application of sealant to remedy the situation.

Repair or replace

We believe in the principle of repairing before replacing, which is why we will always send one of our glaziers to inspect your property prior to recommending a course of action. If we can remedy the issue with a simple repair, then that’s great. If not, we’ll be able to point out to you precisely where the damage has taken effect.

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